Playbook: How to Scale SEO Traffic in 1 Quarter

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The Story:
I had to throw out my content playbook. I was publishing articles 2x per week and wasn't seeing too many results.

My CEO asked me how we could go faster.

I felt good about my content plan but knew I needed to pump up the volume.

Then it hit me--if Google was our main distribution channel, it didn't matter when we published. Google wasn't on a schedule. My mind was.

So I made an ambitious plan...I would try and publish 50 pieces of content in 1 quarter.

And oh yeah...I'm a F/T team of 1.


Spoiler alert:

It worked. We increased traffic & sign-ups by more than 300% in only a few months for

Want to scale your traffic in a quarter? This is your guide.

"Josh’s course shed light on the hidden gems within middle of funnel content. Too often as content marketers we can get too focused on keywords trying to find high traffic, low difficulty opportunities. Josh’s course helped me break away from that and employ simple but effective strategies that had me thinking differently about the funnel and how to get conversions from content. I you’re a pro or you’re just beginning, there’s some gems in here you can’t skip out on." -- Ryan Carruthers @ TogetherSoftware


  • My plan & tactics for publishing 50 pieces of content in 1 quarter
  • How I balance quality & quantity
  • How to think about the funnel & conversions from content
  • How to prioritize keywords to get the most traffic & conversions
  • The formats that worked best for me
  • What I focus on (and what I don't focus on)
  • How to find writers, what to ask them, and how to set up briefs
  • The tools and step-by-step methods I use


  • A gameplan to ramp up your traffic next quarter
  • Tactics you can implement immediately
  • Slide deck + 45 min video presentation
  • Future FAQ
  • Get discounts on any future templates/resources

Who is this for?

  • New SaaS co's who want to jumpstart their content marketing
  • Marketers & Operations staff trying to decide if content is the right channel for them
  • Freelancers or writers who want an actionable way to jump into content strategy

Who is Josh?

Josh has worked for content teams at fast-growing startups like ClickUp (early marketing hire at $1B company!) and Toptal (special SEO projects!) head of marketing at (more than 100k sessions in a year!) and is currently head of marketing at

He also has a background in marketing, journalism, editing, and literature. You can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and occasionally at

Why Buy?

Usually, I charge 2x this price for hourly consulting.

But I want to help teams learn how to scale fast and have a great proof-of-concept for how content marketing can perform so you can iterate.

You in?

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$124 $74

Playbook: How to Scale SEO Traffic in 1 Quarter

0 ratings
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