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Truth: I don't always know what blog posts will be a hit with Google. 🤷

But: I had 2 posts land on page 1 within days of publishing. They're not the sexiest keywords with huge volume. However, they're meant for our ICP and guess what? There are tons of results behind us.

That tells me 2 things: ✅ Google thinks we're on the right track ✅ Google wants our content to rank. Keep going.

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What is helpful:

  1. Improve SEO performance with scorecards (Powered by Search)
  2. Patterns of SERP volatility (Kevin Indig)
  3. Tommy Walker (Content Studio) & Ryan Law (Animalz) discuss AI-writing (YouTube Link)




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It would start with a content marketing thought from me (usually something from LI or Twitter) + 3 links that have helped me recently (content, marketing, B2B or tech)

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