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Here's a 6-step plan for improving your organic traffic & conversions:

✅ Identify the top 4 or 5 most important product features
✅ Think about how the features answer a particular customer problem
✅ Build content around one feature, starting with the middle funnel (think templates, lists, or how-to content)
✅ Create top-funnel content to interlink with the middle funnel
✅ Create bottom-funnel content to capture those ready to buy
✅ Link the middle funnel content to the bottom demand capture pages

Then: Repeat for each feature

Remember: It's harder than it looks. :)

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What's good:

  1. That helpful content Google Update: If you haven't heard, Google has a new update coming. I generally agree with this tweet from Nathan Gotch. Here's how I see it -- I don't think most B2B sites will be affected. It seems to be targeting sites that are going after broad, potentially viral terms with no connection to products or core topics. It seems that good thought leadership could be given a bump, but if you have strong domain authority (like Harvard Business Review) you're already doing well. TL:DR: I don't know, we'll see.
  2. See what pages your competitors are building links to via Ahrefs: (LinkedIn & Scribe)
  3. Meeting demand vs establishing demand: are the 2 that different? (Be Omniscient Podcast)




Hey! I'm going to build a guide/playbook/course(?) on what every writer should know about organic search. It's made for anyone who wants to make the jump from journalism, blogging, fiction, screenwriting, or copywriting to writing for organic search. What do you think? (BTW if you're already on this list, you'll get a heavy discount naturally)


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