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How do I evaluate zero-volume keywords?

If there is a keyword with no volume, I usually check the first result and see if there's actually a better keyword that I'm missing.

If not, I'll create a post about if it's something I hear sales, customer support, or our target audience mentioning

→ Or...

Don't check the volume at all! 👏🏽

The unspoken truth about "zero-volume" keywords is that you were checking to see if there was any volume, and then went forward anyway.

You could just create the post without checking to see if there are keywords (amazing!)

Don't check keywords:

  • If you're writing about a topic or subject that you're passionate about
  • You feel the topic is important
  • Or you don't care about search volume.

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What's good:

  1. The art of content roadmapping. From MKT1. How to generate content ideas & prioritize.
  2. Hockey Stack's SEO Playbook. Really great if you're literally at 0 and you need to go to 1. Details on how to start with B2B organic search, even with no domain authority.
  3. Generating agency through blogging. From Tom Critchlow. He's still bullish on blogging! And I agree with him.

Keep going,

-Josh Spilker


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