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Is the “be a media company” advice misguided? A discussion.

Read it on Google Docs.

^^^That's in response to all the latest talk about how marketing companies should reallly be media companies. I tried to publish this below, but the formatting was bad. Google Docs it is!

What's good:

  • "How to think like (not just build) a media company" >> Ronnie Higgins & BeOmniscient. I purposefully haven't watched this yet, as not to influence my thinking on the aforementioned essay. But I'll get it soon. Ronnie has become a Twitter friend and I'm excited to see what he does at OpenPhone.
  • Figma's Community-Led Growth Playbook >> Claire Butler, Sr. Director of Marketing at Figma. Figma was just acquired by Adobe! For $20B! Crazy! This isn't exactly content marketing, but they're success is nuts and I'm sure we can all learn something from this.
  • "Why you should focus on the bottom funnel" >> Benji Hyam at Grow & Convert. Great points about how your content doesn't have to do all of the education.

Keep going,

-Josh Spilker


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