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growth content #4

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Read the Google doc, and see my thoughts on:

  • What to remember when formatting for SEO
  • Google is a distribution channel, but here’s why people don't like it
  • When you need another distribution channel (and when you don't)

Google doc link again. Will hit the blog ( in a few days

What's good:

Managing innovation work, (Tom Critchlow)

  • Thoughts about work from an SEO person

Recipes vs Movies: When to use storytelling in content marketing (Tim Metz @ Animalz)

The case for AI Content (Kevin Indig, formerly at Shopify/G2)

  • Metadescriptions, product categories, summaries, definitions, transcriptions

How this co grew their email list by 4000 with one lead magnet (Talia Wolf at GetUplift)

  • This is a little older, but Talia has been doing this a while. I’m re-investigating lead magnet ideas to help build the Range newsletter

Keep going,

-Josh Spilker


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